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Minimum of deposit$1000
Term2 years
Profitability21.5% up to 29%

Based on the idea that money should be a store of value, & maintain our purchasing power for a long time. Infinity Software designed the association of a digital currency with intrinsic value, usable more easily than fiat worldwide, a stable cryptocurrency and smart tools to connect payments systems and people.

  • Infinity Software is a Georgian company acting on the market since 2017. The aim of the company is to design a cryptocurrency that allow any user to take the control over his money back in his hand.

    Below is the road-map of work done:

    • Constitution of Infinity Software LLC in 2017
    • Found Group Investors 2018 to develop Infinity
    • Development Infinity Block-chain and Hedge 2017 - 2021
    • Development wallet V1.00 2019-2020
    • Development wallet V2.00 2021
    • Development Smart Contract Call Option 2020-2021
    • Launch Mainnet Infinity Block-chain December 2020
    • Launch Marketing 2021
    • Launch Airdrop 2021
    • Launch Airdrop Call Option 2021
    • Launch Explorer 2020

    Find more information about Infinity here : read more

  • Infinity coin is named the "INFI".

    This coin is targeting micro-payments, micro-donations as well as international transfers using efficient and energy efficient technology. Infinity is capable of carrying out many transactions per second.

    The combined characteristics of making numerous transactions and being low on energy offers a crucial advantage with a price under $0.0001 per transaction, additionally the money is immediately available halfway around the world.

    Find more information about the INFI, the cryptocurrency here: read more


  • Infinity Software think that Cryptocurrency is such a wonderful invention to simplify your life and Infinity Software want everyone to be able to use it every day as simply as people use a smartphone. To do so, Infinity Software has created some useful tools whether you are an individual, a trader or a company. A Wallet to Pay, Send & Receive money in a click, Smart Contracts Call Options to reduce risk at purchase, and more to come. Product plan include, among others, a payment service with a debit-card to pay at the shop or online.

    Find more information about the solution here: read more



    The Infinity Wallet is a multi currencies wallet. The wallet is like a bank account. To access it, you will need a password. In your wallet, you can have many accounts, one for each crypto.

    For each account (or crypto) you will be able to see your real-time account balance and transaction history The app will enable users to send money to another wallet with a QR code, receive money from another wallet. To create a wallet, download the App on your desktop or smartphone. It is easy, just download.



  • Infinity is a block-chain* that use to create Smart Contract Call Option combine with the Hedge block-chain, both are using the same wallet address allowing user to get Hedges or Infinity. This association was decided because the Smart Contract** Call Option need a stable coin linked to the US Dollar, Hedge is used in conversion. In order to give an asset to Infinity Crypto, Infinity Trust (INFT) was created, it is a basket of other cryptocurrencies that are evolving on their own.

    It is now more than a year that the Infinity Crypto Blockchain has proven its efficiency and reliability . The wallet, Blockchain are fully operational.

    Below are some metrics that any investor can check:

  • To expand the success of Infinity, the company needs to have traders on centralize market like Binance This introduction of Infinity on cryptocurrency exchange will unleashed the potential of the Smart Contract Call Options.

    The Target of the introduction is 0,01$/ INFI. For this Infinity Software is looking for funds and target to raise up to 200,000$ to finance the introduction of Infinity to the Crypto Exchange market. Funds will be composed of a collection of 4 loans to Infinity Software Europe:

    • The first will be for an amount of 100,000$ to introduce INFI to one of the 25th top cryptocurrency exchange.
    • The second loan will be for an amount of 50,000$ will be release to introduce to a second of the 25th top cryptocurrency exchange.
    • The third loan will be for an amount of 50,000$ will be release after the introduction to the cryptocurrency exchange market.

    The Top 25th cryptocurrency exchange is the possibility to reach from 200000 to 1Million users


  • A join stock company is to be created with a unique goal: to finance the introduction of the INFI to the Crypto Exchange market. Investors are invited to by shares of the JSC. The initial value of a share is set to 1,000$, so 200 shares are going to be issued.

    An exclusive forward contract will be set between the JSC newly created company and Infinity Software. The principle is that money is engaged for two full years, after this period, shares of the JSC company could be re-buy by Infinity Software with three ways possible upon the choice of the investor:

    • 21.5% bank transfer or
    • 29% in EDGE or
    • exchange into 100,000 INFI/share « Infinity coin ».
    • The exchange in Infinity will be possible in at anytime during or at the terms of this 2 years

    For example for a minium of 1000$ investment we shall have the following chart:

    Infinity$1000-100,000 infinity

    In this way, it will be easier for investors to buy share of a company. Accounting for a JSC is simple to do in Georgia, Only one contract has to be set and register at the Notary office, and it can be done remotely.


  • Only for few days get a call-option for free. If you would like to take advantage of this offer follow Infinity Software on Twitter. Get more information on call option Here.



* What is a block-chain? - A block-chain is a distributed database that is shared among the nodes of a computer network. The main goal is to secure record of transaction, records that are decentralized and not editable. This process insures that record of transaction are original records and will not need the trust of a third party.

** What is a smart contract? - A smart contract is a self-executing contract with the term of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of code. In other term smart code are computerized translation protocols that execute terms of contract. Smart contract render transaction traceable, transparent, and irreversible.

*** What is a call option? - A Call Option is a financial contract that gives the buyer the right but not the obligation to buy an asset, at a specified price within the time period of the contract.

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* required information to activate the send function

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As part of our professional activities, your data is stored according to our ethics. We consider it of the utmost importance beyond the legal obligations of confidentiality not to disclose any information about you to unauthorized third parties.

As part of our action, all our employees are aware of the need to respect this confidentiality and the importance of professional secrecy. Our behaviour is motivated by the maintenance of permanent discretion to protect our clients.

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