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Invest in Georgian companies for the sustainable development of the local economy.

Georgia, in the Caucasus, is a small mountainous country bordering the Black Sea, with a population of 3.7 million and an area of 70,000 square kilometres. It shares borders with Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Its capital, Tbilisi, is the home town of one-third of the country's population. The Georgian Lari, or GEL, is its official currency. A former Soviet Union republic, Georgia has undergone an astonishing transformation over the past 15 years. Thanks to its growth and very liberal policies, Georgia has become a destination to consider for investment in a few years.

Key Points

Build your sustainable investment strategy in Georgia

  1. Evaluate your risk tolerance
  2. Face a market with a huge demand for capital
  3. Invest to produce added value
  4. Estimate your ROI

Becomes an actor of a future central hub!

Classified as a developing country, based on forceful entrepreneurship, Georgia shows a great dynamic and will to build a society close to Western standards. Many sectors such as agriculture, hydrology, tourism, vine-growing, water, medicine, food industry and many others are emerging. They need funds to reach their target of the sustainable sector in the local economy.

There are plenty of reasons to decide to invest in a company. First, there are personal reasons that we shall not develop here. Then they are people or organisations that want to be part of an adventure while helping others:

  • Invest in helping a start-up or more mature companies to get better assets, allowing them to finance the growth, provide more employment and deliver real added value to the market.
  • Invest in companies to help them to cut dependencies with financial organizations that seize the added value produced on the market.
  • Invest in a company and bring knowledge to the board that could allow the company to conquer new markets in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa, and other oversea destinations.

From a more macro-economical point of view, invest in Georgia to stop the exodus of people to Europe by offering them better wages and a promising future. Link to the departure of people, investing in Georgia could help the country to be free of its Soviet past. 

Finally, we could say that investing in Georgia so that the country becomes a centre of production of real added value and not a centre of interest gain for the richest.

Any of the 17 goals of sustainable development can be a target, but: 1- no poverty, 7 – affordable and clean energy, 8 - decent work and economic growth, and 9 - industry, innovation and infrastructure are the key points to decide investment in Georgia. 

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