A ready-to-market Cryptocurrency for sale!

A ready-to-market Cryptocurrency for sale!

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Based on the idea that money should be a store of value, & maintain our purchasing power for a long time. The seller designed the association of a digital currency with intrinsic value, usable worldwide. A stable cryptocurrency and Smart Tools to connect systems of payment and people.

The story

The seller is a Georgian company acting on the market since 2017. The company aims to design a cryptocurrency that allows any user to take control over his money back in his hand.

The coin

This coin is for micro-payments, micro-donations and international transfers using efficient and energy-efficient technologies channels. The blockchain is capable of carrying out many transactions per second. The combined characteristics of making numerous transactions and being low on energy offer a crucial advantage with a price under $0.0001 per transaction. Additionally, the money is immediately available halfway around the world.

The solution

The seller thinks that cryptocurrency is a wonderful invention to simplify your life. And he wants everyone to use it daily like people use a smartphone. To do so, the seller has created some helpful tools whether you are an individual, a trader or a company. A Wallet to Pay, Send & Receive money in a click, Smart Contracts Call Options to reduce risk at purchase, and more to come. The product's plan includes, among others, a payment service with a debit card to pay at the shop or online.

The wallet

The wallet is a multi-currencies wallet. It is like a bank account. To access it, you will need a password. With this wallet, you can have many accounts: one per crypto currency.

For each account (or crypto), you will be able to see your real-time account balance and transaction history. The app will enable users to send money to another wallet with a "QR Code" and receive money from another wallet.

The state of Art

The solution is a block-chain that create a Smart Contract Call Option combined with the Hedge block-chain. Both use the same wallet address allowing a user to get coins. They designed this because the Smart Contract Call Option needs a stable coin linked to the US Dollar. For conversion, they use the Hedge Coin. To give an asset to their coin, they created a basket of other cryptocurrencies that are evolving alone. The wallet, Blockchain are fully operational.

The offer

They have two blockchains. Their offer is based on a "Smart Contract Call option". They have more than 50,000 Smart Contract Call Option on the market.

The package is composed of :

  • One wallet on Apple and Android.
  • Two Blockchains.
  • Two Explorers, one per blockchain.
  • Smart contract management system purchase option.
  • Finance Product Smart Contract Call Option +50,000 in circulation.
  • Unit price at 900$(expiration 2023).
  • Corporate website.
  • Solution website.
  • One Foundation in Netherlands.
  • One company in Cayman (This company is the owner of Intellectual properties for the Software).
  • One Software company in Georgia.

The package is for sale for $600,000 (six hundred thousand). For a person, or an organization, who can invest in marketing and introduce the cryptocurrencies to an exchanger (between $30,000 and $100,000 per exchanger), a return on investment could be done in several months.

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