How open an offshore account in Georgia

How open an offshore account in Georgia

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Most people are generally not financially savvy

Remember the last international financial disaster in 2008, when some of the world's largest banking institutions went bankrupt due to fraudulent practices, particularly against American workers. Hundreds of billions of dollars in savings and pensions have been lost to savers around the world, leaving many people broke and forced to start over. Who's to say it won't happen again? And when?

Previously, the global stock market had collapsed in 2000, during this crisis known as the "bursting of the Internet bubble". There was also the famous day of October 19, 1987, known as "Black Monday", which was also one of the biggest financial crises, with more than $800 billion disappearing from the markets in one day. Before that, the greatest financial debacle was the famous Great Depression of 1929, which spread throughout the world. In addition, there are many recessions that regularly devastate the finances of millions and millions of people around the world.

Moreover, the richest countries on the planet are also the most indebted countries, by far. France, for example, the world's 6th largest economy, saw its public debt in September 2018 reach almost 100% of its GDP ( The French government is indebted at €2665 per second. More than 150 000 euros per minute!). Interest on its public debt is skyrocketing. And France is far from being alone in this case. The risks of many other future financial disasters are also increasing. This includes the collapse of the banks where your money may be located. Dominique Strauss-Khan, former IMF Director and world-renowned economist, in a recent article published in September 2018, pointed out that, in his opinion, the economies and the global financial system were less well prepared for a financial shock than in 2008 during the Subprime crisis! Do not rely on the guarantee mechanisms that provide deposit insurance to depositors of French banks. In the event of a bank collapse, the French government would guarantee 70 to 100,000 euros for savers through its Bank Guarantee Fund, as our customers often point out to us. That's not true! The bank guarantee fund is currently €3 billion. If we divide it by 67 million, each French person is guaranteed for 45 euros. The United States is included in this case. 

In Europe, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Greece are countries in great difficulty. And unfortunately, Europe is not necessarily safe from major tremors, as we see today with Brexit in 2018, Hungary moving away from European values and Greece's bankruptcy in 2015, which almost precipitated the European collapse.

So how can we protect ourselves?

It is well known that diversifying your financial portfolio is the right way to do it. Investing your money in stocks, mutual funds, index funds and real estate are just a few options for the average investor. But if all these investments are made in Europe or the United States, they can all be destroyed in the event of another global financial collapse. 

Would there be other investment options, other ways to invest, protect and diversify your financial portfolio, all with the added benefit of having the highest level of confidentiality for your investments?

This is where offshore bank accounts come in.

To prove how important the offshore account market is, it is estimated that several hundred trillion dollars are invested in offshore accounts around the world. Wise investors realize that the richest countries are not necessarily the best place to secure their money. Interest rates are very low, often lower than the annual inflation rate, and the risks are high to invest blindly in the stock market. These are not the means to achieve your financial goals.

What is your objective?

Chances are you work hard every day, perhaps in a company you don't like, by paying your bills and being financially responsible. The money you still have to save (and try to invest at the mercy of the stock market) is your savings, your pension and your dream of a better life.

At any time, your bank accounts can be frozen by an avid lawyer and declared unusable. Problems with the Tax Office, Ursaff in France, a divorce, unpaid medical bills, alimony issues, any judgment against you can lead to the freezing of your bank accounts.

Even getting married and divorced is often a financial disaster from which many do not recover. Why? Because all your assets are in one place, your country of residence, and are exposed and subject to random judgments and confiscations, leaving you in great economic difficulties.

Ending a marriage is emotionally painful but also financially devastating. Divorce procedures can take years to complete and can cost tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of euros, and in the end you may end up with a small fraction of what you have built over the years. Being financially aware of this fact should provide yet another reason to transfer some of your money to an offshore account where it can be kept safe.

Keeping all your money in a single banking system is now an outdated, insecure way to invest. Why are your savings at the mercy of a fraudulent, corrupt and rigged system?

Opening an offshore account gives you the liberty and confidence to keep your private money safe from all these problems.

The financial outlook is positive in Georgia

Foreign accounts have been commonly referred to in the media as "tax havens". In the past, money invested abroad was not carefully examined by the Tax Department. Because there were so many advantages to investing money abroad. Today the task is more difficult for those seeking financial benefits in jurisdictions that are more tax-friendly.

Everyone knows that the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) adopted in the United States stipulates that American citizens with accounts abroad are required to declare them to the Tax Department. In Europe and many other countries, through the AEOI (Automatic Exchange of Information) or TIEA (Tax Information Exchange Agreement) of the OECD, you are now also required to declare the existence of your offshore accounts, which we remind you are completely legal because it is perfectly legal to bank on offshore accounts! You will just have to report your offshore profits to the Tax Department. This is a simple level of due diligence that you must do when you prepare your tax return. But also note that lawyers who understand the tax regulations of offshore banks and who are familiar with these new laws will guide you through the simple reporting process.

The choice to open an offshore account in Georgia.

  • Its banking system is well-known for its reliability and transparency. Many banks are at your disposal. They are all licensed and some, for the larger ones, operate on the London Stock Exchange.  
  • It is easy to open an offshore personal or corporate account.
  • The costs of banking services are very, very cheap in Georgia.
  • Georgia has not signed the OECD's AEOI and TIEA agreements.
  • Opening an offshore account can be done remotely and you don't have to travel to Georgia. 
  • 1 day is enough to open a bank account. You receive the original documents + credit card + Internet banking access codes, under secure and sealed envelope to the address of your choice within 24 hours.


Article written by : BGG Press Office
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