Georgian Airways expands its network

Georgian Airways expands its network

Modification date: 2018-04-10 / View count: 1124

Now in 2018, it is much easier to travel to Georgia from several major cities in Western Europe, thanks to the new flights opened now by Georgian Airways.

The new roads proposed by Georgian Airlines link Tbilisi to the following cities: Berlin, Dortmund, Paris, Brussels, Barcelona, Bologna and join the existing network to Amsterdam, London, Vienna, Prague...

These new connections have doubled the number of destinations operated by Georgian Airways in Western Europe. It is an important vector for increasing the number of tourists travelling to Tbilisi each year, especially those from Western Europe with high purchasing potential. This number continues to increase at a rapid rhythm, +33% in 2018 compared to 2017! And 2019, for sure, is expected to see an increase in air traffic 

Article written by : BGG Press Office
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