BGG's team reveals some secrets

BGG's team reveals some secrets

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First tell us a bit about Tbilisi...

Georgia is a very old country. The Colchis of Jason and The Golden Fleece is here. The landscapes have remained the same, they are always breathtaking. The "mountain of peoples", as Georgia was once called, is an extraordinary country, barely larger than Belgium but with all the wealths, the sea, the mountains, the Mediterranean climate, exceptional agriculture and legendary hospitality. Located at the confluence of Europe, Russia and the Middle East, it has always been coveted by its great neighbours, Greeks, Ottomans, Russians and Persians. Throughout its "multi-millennial" history, it has passed from hand to hand but, miraculously, it has never lost either its culture or its language. All its influences, we find them in a completely preserved and original culture, but also in architecture. Tbilisi is this point of junction of these different cultures that inspired its architecture where all styles, all eras, from feudal architecture to Haussmannian style mix (recalling that Tbilisi was in the 19th century strongly influenced by the Occident), through the oriental or Soviet style. And of course there are also those famous Georgian style houses, originally wooden houses with their large Italian courtyards. Tbilisi is for that a wonderful place. Its architecture is at the very least undefinable and very original.

What are the essential qualities of a good real estate agent for you?

First passion. We are passionate about "stone". In Tbilisi, our eyes are always on the lookout, a wrought iron balcony, a window with an original frame, an old carved wooden door, which we push to discover behind a magnificent Italian courtyard... Our curiosity is always awakening, Tbilisi abounds in treasures, just look carefully. Really enjoying what we do, being passionate, is the basis on which we build our relationship with our client who seeks to invest in real estate in Tbilisi. They feel this passion right away.

Then openness and dialogue are very important with our customers. It is, if I can use a metaphor proper to chess, (a game very popular in Georgia), our first opening move. From the outset, we establish the basis of our relationship with our client: Confidence. For us, a good real estate agent must love the people who call upon him, who in return gives him their confidence. At RSG, we are committed to supporting them in their acquisition, which sometimes represents a radical change of life for some. It is quite a challenge to advise or guide those who trust us. We must therefore try to do it in the best way possible and try to do everything to help them realize their real estate project.

Listening is therefore essential...

A lot of people don't listen. Listening gives so much information about a person and allows us to better help and guide them. Even if you have ideas in mind, listening allows you to modify your ideas, go down the right path and find the right project. We must discover his sphere to better understand his desires, be attentive to the person's life project, meet his expectations and needs, place him at the heart of the investment, accompanying and advising him on all decision-making throughout the operation. What means that we must go far beyond the search for good, it is really a relationship of trust that we establish with them. That's what's most important to us.

It is a matter of common sense and method.

Our clients entrust us with a mission which is to find the property which meets their expectations. Each of our clients is unique, each property is unique, and it is a new challenge that we must meet with each new operation. Identifying the best opportunities, defining an investment strategy whose ultimate objective is to enhance the value of real estate and sustainably optimize rental income, these are the objectives we have set ourselves. Our goal is to make everyone a winner and we can only achieve this by working with our client, our team, architects, craftsmen and designers.

Winner... yes... but how much?

Ha! Here we go. When we talk about real estate, the image most often brought forward is that of the irresponsible real estate agent ready to sell anything for money. Real estate is the idea of making money easily! It's not like that with us, it's not our cup of tea and first make money easily, who still believes it's possible? We work on the long term with our customers, we bring a quality of service beyond the majority of the real estate agencies do. Because our philosophy of life is made in this way: having the confidence of the people with whom we work is priceless.

We often forget the scope of the work done to complete an acquisition or sale, the calls to notaries to obtain documents, the time spent on research, the time spent between the first contact, the negotiations with the seller and the signature, the follow-up of the work, the decoration... Sometimes, we accompany a client on an operation for more than a year. Some have already returned to us, recognizing the quality of service we provide. 

Buying a property means anticipating

The most important thing is to help our clients anticipate when they decide to buy a property in Tbilisi. Recall the nature of unforeseen events, possible drops in income from one month to another, point out that a credit is reimbursed, point out the additional expenses they will have to face: charges, works, Georgian taxes, attention to the state of common areas, cellars under repair...and so on.

One of our priorities is to secure property

There are no required diagnoses as in Europe, even if the country's deep tendency is to approach all European standards, at all levels, in all sectors of the economy. When we buy a property, especially if it's a great deal, we take the time to check many checkpoints with our experts (because we always have to buy at the right price and think about reselling). We need a precise and referenced quote of the value of the property, the exact calculation of the area, information on the state of health of the condominium, the good health of the building, future works, to keep informed of laws, future regulations, if there are no hidden problems. Our entire purchasing method is present in this security process. 

Buy or not buy in Tbilisi

For the purchase, we say clearly that it is necessary to go there considering the attractiveness of the rates of rental return in Tbilisl which are at least three times higher than in Western Europe. Prices are constantly rising and the choice of properties is still vast. With such affordable prices for an European citizen, buying a property in Tbilisi is now very interesting to build up a heritage.

We rely on our knowledge of the old market in Tbilisi, in those historic areas of the city that are beginning to be expensive in the market. Two disctricts on which we are focusing all our attention today are even more attractive.  Every property, no matter how small it is, bought at the right price and in the right place, well renovated, and well leased will be very profitable. 




Article written by : BGG Press Office
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