Accounting assistance to integrate foreign partner
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Accounting assistance to integrate foreign partner

Integrating a foreign partner into an existing or start-up company can be difficult. An appropriate legal and accounting foundation is necessary for success.

As long-standing entrepreneurs with extensive experience in business management and cross-border projects, we can assist you in this critical phase of your business. The choice of the type of structure is essential to operate in a competitive market. Although it is easy to change the type of structure in Georgia, it is more constructive to start with a status that suits your business needs.

To do this, you need to consider certain aspects, such as industry risk, required protection of your assets, projected turnover, number of investors, compliance requirements, family members involved, financing strategy, investment strategy, tax gearing, and employment strategy.

Based on these elements, we will be able to develop the right strategy for you.

The first action is to draw up a realistic budget identifying the different aspects of your business costs. The second strategic point is to equip yourself with digital communication, business management and marketing tools.

Our services for the implementation of your business management tools:

  • assistance in drawing up a business plan,
  • verification of tax compliance,
  • setting up financial analysis tables for your company,
  • development of cash flow statements and budgeting of your expenses,
  • choosing the right accounting software to use,
  • training in business, accounting and financial record keeping,
  • checking that the organisation's accounting procedures comply with government regulations
  • advice on controlling your costs,
  • advice on digital communication and IT tools,
  • support and advice on how to separate business and personal expenses
  • setting up reporting tools for investors and third parties involved in the company.

Once the new funder is integrated, a follow-up of the activity is necessary to ensure transparency toward investors. Reporting on the company's activity is essential to maintain the confidence of your investors.

In addition, if the need arises, we offer assistance to help you maintain management discipline within your company.

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