The banks' info

The banking infrastructure and its information systems are modern in Georgia. Branches, communication, marketing, everything is there to give a good image of the bank. Technical services and online tools are also part of it to flavour a taste of youth and efficiency! Interbank and international transfers are efficient. Online tools give access to your accounts in a fast and ergonomic way. But a bank is a bank! Make no mistake. You will find the same banking problems in Georgia that you may have encountered in your country.

Since 2018, BGG has been developing articles on the banking environment in Georgia in order to allow the reader to form an opinion on the banking system in Georgia.

As you can read in the different posts of this Blog, it is simple for an individual, even a foreigner, to open a bank account in Georgia.

In November 2022, a new fully digital bank got its license. Let's hope that it will provide a service to all companies, and individuals, who see the bank as a tool for the public and not as a controlling body for the money in circulation.

You can find the list of commercial banks in Georgia at the following link:

Enjoy your reading!

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