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Churchkhela is a traditional Georgian candy. It is a string of half nuts soaked in grape juice thickened with flour called Tatara or Phelamushi, and dried in the sun. Real Churchkhela is without added sugar. Instead of nuts, hazelnuts or almonds are sometimes used in western Georgia. The shape of Churchkhela looks like a candle. The Georgian warriors carried Churchkhela with them because they contain many calories. The eastern region of Kakheti in Georgia is considered the cradle of churchkhela, but a similar sweetness, called janjukha, can be found in the western region of Guria in Georgia. The candy has the same shape as churchkhela, but instead of nuts, it contains hazelnuts. Traveling through Georgia, you can encounter this eye-catching sausage-shaped candy, hanging in stores on almost every street corner, especially in tourist areas.
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