Registering remotely a company in Georgia (the country): how do we proceed?

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For people who can't fly to Georgia, it is possible to register a company by using a trustee. The process to register a company in Georgia is quite simple. Below is the list of Documents needed to register a company in Georgia:

  • Power of attorney to our officer that will proceed in your name,

  • Notarial copy of your client's passport,

  • Name of the company to be created,

  • A short business description of your company's activity.

Nota bene: if the company has multiple funders, we shall need a POA per person.

Registering a company is easy but opening a bank account for a new company is not so easy. To open, remotely, a bank account, we shall need:

  • Power of attorney to our officer that will proceed in your name,

  • Notarial copy of your client's passport,

  • Business description,

  • Business plan (financial oriented),

  • CV of the founder,

  • A recommendation letter from your today bank (optional but helpful),

  • A copy of your bank statements showing your today's business activity (optional but helpful),

  • A copy of the last balance sheet of your business activity (optional but helpful).

Nota bene: It is not mandatory by the law for a company to have a bank account in Georgia.It can be abroad or via other online services. Check more on our article: /en/our-blog-what-you-need-to-know/business-without-bank-account


The process

  • Get in contract with us,

  • you to go to Notary at your usual residence and issue a Power of attorney allowing us to act in your name for company creation and bank account opening, and make an official copy of your passport,

  • you send the power of attorney and the official copy of your passport to the tribunal that will be able to Apostille documents issued by the Notary,

  • you to send us the document (Express mail is better, regular mail takes longer),

  • upon the reception of your document,

  • we to send your document to official translator and notarial authentication,

  • we to set appointment to the City Hall for company registration,

  • we to act in your name at the City Hall,

  • we to report to you about running process,

  • we to register created company at the tax office,

  • we to prepare document for the bank,

  • we to apply in your name at the bank for a business account,

  • we to argue with the bank of the consistency of you business,

  • we to report to you about running process,

  • you to pay invoice for the service performed,

  • upon the reception of you payment, we to ship by express mail collected documents.

Nota bene: if your country of origin is not a member of the La Hague Convention, you can use the online service of Notarycam: https://www.notarycam.com/


The time-frame

  • Issuing POA and copy of passport: 1 week,

  • shipping documents to us : 3 days,

  • translation and legalization of documents in Tbilisi: 3 days,

  • applying to create your company on the following day: 1 hour,

  • getting the company ID: 1 day,

  • registering the company to the fiscal portal and getting the Fiscal ID: 10mn,

  • applying to Bank(s): up to a week,

  • shipping back document to you: 3 days.


Article written by : Pierre Tsaguria
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