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The real estate corner

The real estate market in Tbilisi is not an easy market. As a foreigner, it will not be easy for you to buy a property in Georgia and have it renovated as you wish. Whatever is your goal, to live in your apartment/house or to rent it in the short-term or long-term you need to be assisted by a real professional.

If you want to avoid a big surprise, choosing a place, estimating a property, checking legal points and managing the sale process have to be done by professionals only.

As a business portal, it seems important to us to have a section dedicated to real estate investment, but we offer services to find the right person that will help to succeed in your project:

  • define your target and your budget
  • find the real opportunities in the market
  • check the current ownership
  • check the legal points
  • check ...
  • and the list is long

Below is a Gallery of opportunities that were available two years ago. This gallery is here only to give an idea of a property that can be on the market. They are not available at the current time.

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