Why investing in Georgia is interesting...

Why investing in Georgia is interesting...

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Investing abroad, especially in emerging markets such as Georgia, opens up many opportunities and possibilities for profitability. Investors who are interested in investing abroad have an advantage over those who wish to remain "local". Because, well carried out, this type of operation makes it possible to constitute a real estate inheritance ideally located.


The first reason we see for investment in Georgia and Tbilisi is that this country has one of the most liberal regimes in the world and gives you very easy access to its market. Strangers are welcome here!  

Investing in Georgia allows you to position yourself in a very attractive market in terms of costs. The European market, in the big capitals, is today rather saturated, the real estate prices are very high and requires such a high initial investment that the profitability will be low. 

On the contrary, an investment in Georgia is very affordable. The entrance ticket is reduced and the real estate investment is accessible to a greater number. The initial stakes are lower and therefore so is the risk-taking. Secondly, from a fiscal point of view, Georgia is one of the lowest taxed countries in the world.

The appeal of a growing market

An investment in Georgia offers more interesting development prospects than local investments in Europe. By investing in Georgia, you invest your money on an emerging market, where real estate is booming and prices are changing so fast. Between 2017 and 2018, the average price per m2 increased by 25% in some districts of Tbilisi.
Investing in a growth market such as Georgia, allows you to get out of a rather discouraging real estate context in France, England, Belgium or Germany, where prices are very high. In Georgia, these prices are very affordable and you will benefit from much higher profitability than in a market where stability has, in overall, taken precedence over growth.
Investment in Georgia is an interesting operation. You can quickly build up a profitable estate.

Traditional precautions to be taken through the services of a real estate consultant

Of course, investing is not an operation that is done on a corner of the table. It involves many questions that you must answer and first of all move, to understand with your own eyes the many assets of this beautiful country and still little known.

As an investor, you will need to make sure that certain essential points are met to guarantee your investment. The fact that you are geographically far from your investment can obviously be an obstacle, unless you can rely on clear and transparent advice that can explain to you the Georgian market and its specificities, its legislation, the best places to invest in the capital and with what method in order to raise all the questions and limitations you have for an investment abroad.

Article written by : BGG Press Office
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