What is a Virtual Zone Entity in Georgia?

What is a Virtual Zone Entity in Saqartvelo?

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Saqartvelo is the native name of Georgia, the country.

Saqartvelo is a popular jurisdiction for doing business. The country offers a high ease of business creation and management. The absence of exchange control rules, the free entry and exit of foreign capital, the relatively low cost of services, the banking system stability, and its geographical location as a gateway between Europe and Asia make Saqartvelo an attractive destination for international companies outside the E.U. Saqartvelo does not commit the Automatic Exchange of Bank Information or the OECD's TIEA agreement.

The Virtual Zone is to promote the IT sector in Saqartvelo. This law is to develop the IT service in the country. It targets companies with offices and employees inside the country. IT companies operating in a remote mode cannot benefit from the law.

Some key features of a Virtual Zone Entity in Saqartvelo

  • A VZE is exempt from VAT (18%) and Corporate Income Tax (15%) if the company provides services to foreign or local customers.
  • In the event of a dividend distribution (to a non-resident physical or legal person), only the dividend tax has to be paid by the company VZE (5%).
  • In the case of the distribution of dividends to a foreign shareholder, the taxation of the shareholder must check the double taxation treaty between Saqartvelo and his country of residence (if any).
  • A shareholder citizen of Saqartvelo will not pay tax on Dividends received from a company in a VZE.

If the company with a VZE status does not distribute dividends, it will not pay tax.

  • The director of the VZE may be a national or a foreigner residing in Saqartvelo.
  • It is required to have employees in Saqartvelo.

Saqartvelo's legislation defines the activities of a Virtual Zone Entity widely as "any legal entity related to Information Technology". However, according to the law, a VZE must be involved in its activity "any process of research, development, support, design, production and implementation of computer information systems and software design".

Based on this legal definition, we can say that any online product/service produced and provided by a VZE entity is an 'information technology activity' if the entity carries out research, development, support and design activities and holds the intellectual property rights for the product concerned.

Saqartvelo's VZE is becoming a lucrative solution for international IT companies developing an offshore customer base from Saqartvelo. Fiscal advantages are not active for companies working remotely.

BGG's services to incorporate your Virtual Zone Entity include the registration and all the necessary support for the management of your company in Saqartvelo. We provide accounting and tax advisory services and your representation before public authorities and banks in Saqartvelo.

Article written by : BGG Press Office
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