Search for foreign financial partners
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Search for foreign financial partners

Whatever your business, at one time in its life, your company will be looking for financing. Whether your company is at a start-up, when launching a product or acquiring a property, the question of enhancement will arise.

As an entrepreneur, you will have the choice of turning to a financial institution such as a bank, and you may be able to obtain a loan on terms that are very disadvantageous for you and your business. Or you can opt to innovate and finance your project differently. Calls for capital, calls for private funds, and legal and financial arrangements are all assets that are available to you to put all the chances on your side and make your business a winner.

But the question for Entrepreneurs is: how to find an investor, or a financial partner, in Georgia, where the financial market is under the control of banks and short-term pledgers?

BGG, the business portal for Georgia and the Caucasus, brings you a way to find partners abroad.


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