Building partnerships
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Building partnerships

A partnership agreement is a pooling of resources, defined by the parties, for the purpose of achieving a common goal or undertaking an activity, where risks, tasks, skills and benefits are shared.

The 4 points of a Successful Partnership

① Purpose
The purpose of the partnership should be based on a shared vision and a clearly defined mission where each party has its own role and motivation. The partnership must result in a shared mutual benefit that would not have been achieved without the synergy of the parties.

② Perceptions
In a partnership, the roles and responsibilities of each party must be well defined. A partnership is based on trust between the partners through a good perception of the company's culture, capacities, strengths, constraints and resource needs.

③ Process
The management of the partnership should be based on the results of the business. The partnership agreement should incorporate processes for consulting shareholders, managing expectations and even managing disagreements. Take into account cultural and linguistic differences that may lead to different interpretations of a text. Describing the communication processes, their frequency, recurring themes and the transparency required are essential points to be included in the partnership management processes for joint problem solving, decision making and conflict resolution.

④ Progress
Regular reporting on the situation in the company is mandatory in a partnership. Everyone has their role, everyone has their responsibilities, the synergy created by the partnership must be measured and information must be shared within the company.


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