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Accompaniment and personal Assistance

We offer an assistance and follow-up service to assist or represent you in all administrative procedures. We prepare the official documents necessary for the creation and the management of your company in Georgia. The opening of your personal bank account, the opening of your company bank account, licensing and renewal, obtaining and renewing your residence permits.

We assist you or represent you at all administrative and banking meetings for all the steps related to the creation and management of your company. 

Our real estate department is there to assist you in all your real estate projects in Georgia and Tbilisi. We advise you and give you access to the best opportunities available in Georgia: offices, apartments, houses, business and commercial premises, or even rent a place for you, your family and your employees.

  • We provide services in four languages (French, English, Georgian and Russsian), usually in French or English for the full process.
  • We submit Activity and Progress daily Reports.
  • We support you during your implementation and your appointments for all additional services.

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