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Advise and commercial representation in Tbilisi

Remote Service Georgia, based in Tbilisi, specializes in company creation and outsourcing processes. We advise and support you in setting up your company in Georgia, a country with a very attractive tax system, free movement of capital and people, a strategic location, at the heart of a booming market on the borders of Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


As entrepreneurs in Georgia of the Caucasus, we have a solid experience of the country in which we live. Remote Service Georgia provides clear legal, tax and investment advice through its Local Network in Tbilisi.

We cover all types of company law and offer advice on the creation, closure, transfer and acquisition of companies.

We advise you on: 

  • the setting up of your company in the Free Zone or in Main Land,
  • obtaining and renewing licenses,
  • the best choices of banks for opening a personal and corporate bank account in Tbilisi,
  • obtaining Residence Permits and Residency Status,
  • labour law,
  • on the Investment opportunities currently available in Georgia. 

If you would like to know more about the different options for starting a business, obtaining a residence permit, opening a bank account in Georgia, we are at your service to solve any questions you may have.  We will check how we can help you and offer you the best personal and professional options based on your situation, needs and priorities.


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