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business-gate-to-georgia.com is moving forward, after the new interface implemented for a better customer experience we are happy to launch the first event on BGG: a call for funds from a Georgian Company. A nice opportunity for investors coming from all over the world.

This week In the spotlight @ business-gate-to-georgia

avatar_This week In the spotlight @ business-gate-to-georgia

To speed the placing on the market of its Cryptocurrency "INFI" and to boost it development, Infinity Software is calling for funds.

Minimum of deposit$1000
Term2 years
Profitability21.5% up to 29%


All our FAQs

You can check in FAQ all the questions that the persons have when they want to make something in Georgia with respect to registration of companies in Georgia / immigration to Georgia / taxes and accounting in Georgia / tax advices in Georgia and any other legal assistance with respect to any of their transaction in Georgia.

Contact Information

Head Office: Georgia, City Tbilisi, Saburtalo District, Sairme str., building 9, apt. 19

Email info@business-gate-to-georgia.com | tel: (+995) Phone / Viber / WhatsApp: +995 595 503 617

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