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avatar_Opening a personal bank and corporate bank account online

Opening a personal bank and corporate bank account online

Offshore corporate bank account, offshore personal bank account, confidential or not, the offshore bank account is often a tool of the offshore company or the nomad individual, the latter uses more and more, as much as it can be operated alone. So how to open an offshore bank account online?

avatar_Virtual Zone Status for IT companies in Georgia

Virtual Zone Status for IT companies in Georgia

Georgian tax legislation offers a number of high-value tax incentives to IT companies operating in the territory and providing IT services to their foreign customers residing outside Georgia. This is the Status of a Virtual Zone.

avatar_opening a bank account

opening a bank account

Georgia in the Caucasus has an ultra-modern and very reliable banking system. Banks offer a multitude of products, like all major European banks, that will suit your needs, whether for your personal bank account or your corporate bank account.

avatar_Main Land Company creation in Georgia

Main Land Company creation in Georgia

Open a Limited Liability Company. You will benefit from an very interesting tax regime, ultra-simplified accounting, easy opening of personal or corporate bank account with e-banking. You can also via your company buy a property to make it profitable very quickly via its rental.

avatar_Free Industrial zone Company creation

Free Industrial zone Company creation

The advantages of opening a company in one of Georgia's Free Industrial Zones are strategic, operational and above all fiscal. 0% VAT 0% Income Tax 0% Dividend Tax 0% Property Tax.

avatar_Resident status

Resident status

Citizens of 94 countries in 2018 can reside or work and invest in Georgia Caucasus for a period of one year without needing a visa or a residence permit. It is unique in the world and reflects Georgia's progressive policy.

avatar_Advise and commercial representation Tbilisi

Advise and commercial representation Tbilisi

Gurian Consulting, based in Tbilisi, specializes in company creation and outsourcing processes. We advise and support you in setting up your company in Georgia, a country with a very attractive tax system, free movement of capital and people, a strategic location, at the heart of a booming market on the borders of Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


avatar_Accompaniment and personal Assistance

Accompaniment and personal Assistance

We offer an assistance and follow-up service to assist or represent you in all administrative procedures. We prepare the official documents necessary for the creation and the management of your company in Georgia. The opening of your personal bank account, the opening of your company bank account, licensing and renewal, obtaining and renewing your residence permits.