Opening a highly confidential personal bank account in Georgia

pict_Opening a highly confidential personal bank account in Georgia

Georgia's incredible business opportunities make it a very lucrative investment destination, particularly in the fields of real estate, tourism, agriculture and green energy production from hydroelectricity, as well as a very cheap and trained workforce. The low tax rate and all these great opportunities have made Georgia an increasingly popular destination for foreign investors from all over the world. Little known until a few years ago, Georgia is literally exploding. In four years, it has tripled the number of its visitors, who are several million visiting Georgia every year, including our European neighbours. Many of them are investors looking for new areas of investment that are still under-exploited and who are aware of the very good commercial potential that Georgia offers. 

For those who want to invest here, the first thing is to open a bank account. Opening a bank account for residents and non-residents is a simple process. A Power of Attorney assigned to our attorney is sufficient. You can then open a personal bank account without having to travel to Georgia. It should be noted that since the 5th of July 2019, a new immigration law has come into force: a foreigner may obtain a temporary residence permit if he/she presents a bank account of a Georgian bank with a minimum deposit of 300,000 Laris (GEL). In addition, Georgia is one of the few countries in the European sphere that has not signed the OECD's Automatic Banking Information Exchange Treaty (AEOI) and therefore offers very high confidentiality and security for bank account holders in Georgia.

Opening a bank account in Georgia remotely

If you cannot come to Georgia to open a personal bank account, you can authorize our lawyer to do so for you. You must then submit a few documents: a copy of your passport certified by a notary, a copy of the power of attorney that will allow him to open your bank account on your behalf, an application form that we complete for you, and that's all. The procedure is simple and efficient. From the moment we receive your documents, it only takes 3 days to open your bank account, open the e-banking service and order and receive your credit cards that we send by secure mail to your address. Our opening procedure is completely secure and you only pay for your account once it is opened and in possession of your access codes that will allow you to use your bank account remotely through the Internet service.

You will find a lot of useful information on opening a bank account on our website, and also information on the many advantages of a bank account in Georgia that offers standard multi-currency, confidential and efficient bank accounts to conduct international transactions from a Georgian banking system renowned for its reliability. 

If you would like to know more about the procedure for opening your personal bank account in Georgia, you can contact us on whatsapp at +995599201106 or use the different forms of contact on our website or, we will be happy to answer all your questions.