Renovation and decoration

Our architect and designer optimize the renovation plan taking into account local rental demand in Tbilisi. A renovation of quality and a decoration "coup de coeur" will make it possible to rent your property at the best price. We work with serious construction companies to make the renovation of your apartment, a success.

Renovating an apartment in Tbilisi is not an easy task, especially when it comes time to finding a reliable partner who does a good job and who does not have a heavy hand when it comes time to draw up an invoice. Gurian Partners relies on a small group of companies and craftsmen in whom we have total confidence. This confidence has been acquired over time and through our collaboration. 

Quality renovation is one of our three priorities.

Why? Because it affects quite simply the rental price. A good renovation, using the right materials and with good finishes, is the guarantee to increase the rental yield rate. We pay great attention to the materials used as well as to the delivery times. 

How much cost for an apartment renovation in Tbilisi?

The cost of renovations in Tbilisi is generally not very expensive. Once the quotation has been established and validated, Gurian's teams follow the worksite from A to Z.  We monitor it on a daily basis. Each project is unique and has its own specificities. A space optimization work, done by our architect, that requires demolition and reconstruction is not the same as if it is a refreshing, even in depth. The price will vary according to many settings, necessary plan changes, doors and windows to change, water spots to move, etc...Each real estate investment project is different.