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Opening a bank account in Georgia to diversify your finances

Georgia has an ultra-modern, transparent and very reliable banking system. Banks offer a multitude of products like all the major European banks that will meet your current account needs, whether for your personal account or your business account.
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opening a bank account

Georgia in the Caucasus has an ultra-modern and very reliable banking system. Banks offer a multitude of products, like all major European banks, that will suit your needs, whether for your personal bank account or your corporate bank account.

Foreigners are welcome in all banks in Georgia. The process of opening a business (or personal) account is quick and simple. No minimum deposit is required, only a valid passport is required. That's all. No money laundering form, no need to know your KYC, no need for proof of address...

Georgian banks automatically offer the possibility to open a multi-currency account, in USD, EUR, GBP, NOK, GEL, etc... The fees applied to its exchange rates are low (about 0.10-0.15%), as well as significantly reduced fees for most banking services.

Currently, interest rates on bank deposits are very attractive in the short and long term, up to 11% for long-term deposits (one year) in local GEL currency and  3% for deposits in euros or US dollars.

It is quite possible to open a bank account in Georgia remotely, with the assistance of a power of attorney or a legal representative. However, once the account is opened, most Georgian banks offer a highly developed online banking service so that you can make your banking transactions remotely without any problems.

It should be noted that Georgia participates in FACTA, but is not involved in the OECD Automatic Exchange of Information and has not concluded any TIEA agreement.