What is House Staging?

House Staging is the operation which takes care of the decoration of your property intended for a rental investment in Tbilisi. A good presentation of the property is a huge advantage. She stages it so that it stands out from all the other goods on the market to trigger the famous "coup de coeur" during the virtual tour on the most known and most used rental platforms in Georgia, such as Airbnb.

House Staging is a set of techniques that allow to put in the best conditions a property intended for sale or for rent. It is therefore a form of real estate marketing, which can be similar to the packaging of other types of products. Intended to promote the "coup de cœur" and therefore the purchase (or rental) of a property, it allows the development of the property at a lower cost.
As a general rule, a buyer knows from the very first minutes if the property is likely to please him. It is generally accepted that 90% of real estate purchases would be made as a result of a crush. With a minimum investment of time and money, the real estate developer prepares an environment conducive to leasing.

Clearly, House Staging is the decoration of your property intended for a rental investment in Tbilisi. It means understanding the expectations of the customers, to know their tastes to trigger the famous "Coup de cœur" effect. A good presentation of the property is a huge advantage. That makes sense! With a better quality property, its rental will be much more expensive than an equivalent property in surface, location, etc... but without charm and character. House staging is the guarantee of a better rental yield rate due to a much stronger demand.

But first we have to prepare the stage: Interior design

The layout consists in an adapted and optimized plan that will allow you to make the best use of your existing base. An optimized plan is a plan that sublimates the property: a better distribution of rooms, more light, less space lost. Even if there are obviously easier layout plans than others depending on the configuration of the property, a quality layout always requires the use of an interior architect who has a professional vision.

In short, a good layout will highlight your property with a quality decoration of course. We pay particular attention to this stage because it will allow you to maximize your rental return. 

House Staging and apartment decoration

House Staging therefore consists in decorating the property to make it attractive. Without committing large amounts, this decoration must be done with taste while controlling its costs. The choice of furnishings, colours and small decorative elements should give maximum pleasure to future guests. Decorate but without too much personal touch, so that each visitor can imagine himself living inside and feel at home for a weekend or a week. Simplicity is an art!

Quality of materials is very important

A good renovation and a simple decoration, solid and of good quality, it is a rental investment which lasts in time. We always opt for clean, attractive furnishings that do not need to be changed after one year. We love noble materials like wood, glass, to make interiors both modern and warm. We work with georgian carpenters, who bring, by their creativity always sharpened, a strong added value to our furnishing. Each property is unique and requires an overall concept that is always renewed.