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The Virtual Zone Status for IT companies in Georgia

pict_The Virtual Zone Status for IT companies in Georgia

Many of you are also aware of the benefits of locating a company in a Free Zone in order to benefit from the extraordinary advantages that they can provide in terms of tax exemption. However, these Free Industrial Zones, in Georgia, like everywhere else in the world, are expensive for a company wishing to set up and develop its activities there. Not everyone has this possibility when you consider the cost of establishing a company and the annual licence along with structural costs and office rental.

And what if a country like Georgia decided to create a new form of Free Industrial Zone, however this time, intended only for IT Companies? Well, they’ve done it. This country, a leader in this field in the Region, has just created a special status limited to companies in this sector, whether they are freelancers, developers, application and software creators, so that they can enjoy all the advantages of a Free Zone without having to bear the cost. This status called VIRTUAL ZONE allows any legal entity or person, incorporated in Georgia in the field of IT, to sell its IT services and products (in the widest sense), from the territory with only one restriction: your customers must be located outside the borders. That is the only requirement.

With the introduction of this new status, Georgia hopes to attract more and more international IT services companies, freelancers and digitalapplication creator nomads, in order to strengthen its development strategy and brand image in the Digital field at a global level.