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Investing in fruit production in Georgia. Caucasus

pict_Investing in fruit production in Georgia. Caucasus

Investing in a fruit freezing plant in Georgia

The first fruit freezing plant just opened in June 2018 in Kareli, it is able to process 4,000 tons of fruit per season. This factory is equipped with Italian equipment. Today, the company employs 130 people and its growth outlook is strong.

The demand for frozen fruit is increasing worldwide by 30% per year. Huge volumes of frozen fruit are currently imported by Israel from Europe. Fruits are also in great demand in the United States.

Georgia, as we have already pointed out in other articles, has enormous potential in fruit and vegetable production. Its favourable climate, its fertile soil, make fruit and vegetables of exceptional quality, which will surprise many. This advantage currently allows the country to export its products on the market of the United States and Israel, big consumers of fruits and very demand for Georgian products.

Market studies have been carried out to determine the volume of fruit that will be available for purchase throughout Georgia in all 4 seasons. They have delivered good results and have demonstrated that if 5 companies, similar to this brand new fruit freezing plant, are opening up in Georgia, their prospects for selling their products on these markets are very good.

The fruit is bought directly from farmers. Their production is diversified, organic, but in small quantities. The Government of Georgia is aware of the real agricultural potential of the country and wishes to encourage farmers to rationalise their production and collection methods in order to significantly increase their production for these exports. While preserving their taste qualities.

European agronomists are expected from 2019 in order to develop Georgian fruit and vegetable production and in particular to respect the standards in force in Europe and obtain the necessary certificates for their export.