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Forum Silk Road

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34 countries participated in the Silk Road Forum in Tbilisi. Mr Genadi Arveladzé, Deputy Minister of the Economy of Georgia "a high-level dialogue on the growth of transit potential in Georgia as a link between Europe and Asia has been launched". This strategic corridor linking Europe to Asia is "the central corridor used by Chinese goods" as noted by the President of Turkey. It is important that the countries of the Caucasus strengthen the influence of this corridor," said Genadi Arveladze.

The Government of Georgia plans to invest approximately USD 4 billion in major infrastructure projects over the next three years. The Ministry of Economy has already announced its intention to create two logistics centres to improve Georgia's transit potential and increase Georgia's role in international trade.

The Tbilisi Silk Road Forum is an important opportunity to strengthen economic, political and cultural ties between Asia and Europe. The objective of the Forum, which takes place every two years, is to create and establish a platform for discussion, where the countries behind this initiative, international organisations and representatives of the private sector will discuss prospects for strengthening cooperation in the international and regional trade field.

Forum participants, businessmen from 50 countries, will also discuss important issues such as trade promotion, e-commerce development, digital connectivity, transport infrastructure, interregional energy opportunities and Georgia's investments potential.