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Development of agriculture in Georgia

pict_Development of agriculture in Georgia

Kalo is a modern approach to service delivery for Georgian farmers, who will benefit from the portal's functionalities. In addition to providing educational information and video tutorials, the platform gives farmers access to agro-consultations and an agro-calendar to provide a more accurate understanding of crop calendars in Georgia. The portal also offers an online shop for agricultural products, pesticides, fertilizers and equipment, with the possibility of making remote orders.

"I am firmly convinced that Kalo will develop the activity of farmers in the coming years through its targeted services, in order to further promote agricultural activities and contribute to the development of the entire sector in the country," says Zaza Pirtskhelava, Managing Director of Credo Bank.

"Through this partnership, we are keeping our commitment to help farmers in our emerging markets improve their yields and their livelihoods. With Kalo, we are taking an important step towards achieving this goal, as we will now extend our services to an additional 100,000 customers," said Jonne Catshoek, Chief Executive Officer of Traktor.

Markus Aschendorf, President of the European Development Fund for South-Eastern Europe: "The agricultural sector represents an important part of the Georgian economy, yet there is still great potential for growth in production and efficiency in this sector. Kalo's targeted service offer aims to fill the gap in relevant and up-to-date agricultural information for farmers and also to connect them across the country, giving a boost not only to this sector, but to the georgian economy."