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In the mining industry, Chinese computing power is taking the lead and currently represents half of the world's mining industry. However, crypto money mining is gradually increasing the appetite of other countries and China is beginning to face new international forces in this industry. As competition in the cryptocurrency mining sector intensifies, it also raises the question of where the next breakthrough in global mining development will be?

All the answers should be provided by the best experts in the mining industry in Tbilisi, which has quickly become the reference country for new Blockchain technology in this part of the world. Many blockchain application projects are being developed in Georgia, new companies are being created and the government intends to support them by initiating projects such as the "Trusted Diploma".

In early August, the American company Emercoin announced the implementation of its open-source platform "Trusted Diploma" by Tbilisi Business & Technology University (BTU). The collaboration between Emercoin and BTU marks a new step in the expansion of Blockchain technology beyond its conventional financial applications (fintech), to offer other industries new levels of security and tamper-proofing.

The "Trusted Diploma" platform uses the blockchain to provide the education sector with the traceability of diplomas and other certificates on an encrypted and secure application. The application ensures that the skills of all graduates are easily and clearly verified and validates the accuracy and online authenticity of their degrees.

Emercoin and BTU are thus tackling a complex social problem in both developed and developing countries. Due to widespread corruption and manipulation, online diplomas are increasingly considered unreliable. In addition, many graduates also have problems obtaining their academic records, which makes it difficult for them to assert their legitimate credentials. This problem was cited as a global problem in a 2016 report to UNESCO.

Thanks to this blockchain, Emercoin has succeeded in finding a solution to the problem of diploma certification suffered by graduates and companies. 

"Trusted Diploma will help us to combat increasing levels of manipulation and corruption and ensure the validity of online diplomas," said Kostiantyn Bigus of Emercoin. "We call on everyone to join us in our efforts to offer new services on the Blockchain to protect people from dangerous frauds in the health, legal, real estate and other sectors"