Dom Voluptatys RSG Service Package


Dom Voluptatys. RSG Service Package.

Owning real estate in a sunny foreign country is common to a majority of us. Real estate is a solid long-term investment product. 

Georgia has in recent years provided a favourable climate for this type of investment, the country has indeed adopted a very favourable tax environment for real estate investors and it has to be said that more and more people are deciding to invest in real estate in Georgia so that they and their families can enjoy and benefit from it.

Buying remotely, without having to travel, is of course possible, and many real estate agents offer this service. However, in order to fully understand the ins and outs of a real estate purchase in Georgia, we always advise our clients to travel once in order to "feel" the country, the atmosphere of Tbilisi and the economic environment of the Georgian capital.   

This first trip is important. It allows you to have a real encounter with the country, to get an idea of the market, with your own eyes, to stroll through the typical streets of old Tbilisi to discover its hidden secrets and to appreciate the hospitality of the Georgians and the thousand and one details that will help you reflexion on a future real estate operation in Georgia. 

To allow you to fully appreciate the charms of the Georgian capital, while combining the useful with the pleasant, RSG takes care of all the organization of your trip to Georgia by ensuring you of our presence in all the key phases of this business trip. From organized visits of properties for sale with your personal interpreter, a first meeting with the architect designers with whom we work, to a consultation with our independent lawyer who will allow us to give a first overview of the rules and regulations of a property purchase in Georgia, without forgetting the pleasant with guided tours and excursions in the region will also be a way to enjoy your trip to discover the fabulous Cochilde de Jason and the golden fleece, to taste Georgian cuisine and qvevri wines, to visit the unmissable monuments around the capital.

Dom Voluptatys is spread over 4 days and 3 nights and our team is there to advise you during the preparation of your trip, especially regarding accommodation. We offer pleasant hotels or more original and less standardised accommodation, such as an airbnb where the service provided is close to that of a hotel, and close to the historic centre of the city. 

Our Dom Voluptatys service 

A car valet service welcomes you upon arrival at the airport and takes you to your hotel.   

Our English-French-Russian interpreter will accompany you during the visits to the properties in the neighbourhoods that we will have targeted during our preparation work with you. 

Our French-speaking Architects Shlava and Lali and Anano our Georgian Designer, renovation professionals will meet you to present you our current work, and especially the advantages and disadvantages, the possibilities and solutions for each of the properties in which you would be interested and of course will answer your questions.

A consultation with Giorgy, our independent real estate lawyer in Tbilisi, with whom we will present legal and tax issues. Acquisition procedures, property titles, legal systems and the process of registration of title deeds and property title controls in Georgia. The pitfalls to avoid and all the elements that will allow you to understand the reality of the real estate market in Georgia and clarify your choice to invest in Georgia. 

A daily debriefing with Manuel and Pierre to review the situation at the end of each day. Manuel and Pierre will explain how to make your real estate investment in Georgia profitable, and will detail the property management service that RSG offers to its clients.

But also the guided tour of the historic districts of Tbilisi, an excursion to Kakheti about sixty kms from Tbilisi, cradle of wine, an encounter with Georgian cuisine in one of the best restaurants in Tbilisi... and of course the thousand and one questions, requests that you will have to ask during your stay Our team will be able to answer your particular requests, you only have to ask us to advise you.  

Dom Voluptatys from RSG, global service package for your trip to Georgia is 1000 euros for your 3-day stay.

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