Our real estate research services in Tbilisi

Remote Service Georgia supports your real estate investment project in Tbilisi, from the search and acquisition of the property, throughout the renovation and up to its rental. Our team is there for you throughout the investment campaign for a high-end result.

Remote Service Georgia is an A to Z support throughout the investment campaign to make your purchase a success. We advise you on your investment and on the entire real estate transaction, from the search for the property to its renting, including strict quality control of the renovation work and its House Staging for a high-end result.

A performance based on a constant objective of high rental yields, to make you realize a high level real estate business.

Our process

A first meeting via videoconference to define your investment project and review your expectations and objectives.

  • The search for a property in Tbilisi that matches your budget.
  • The purchase of the property by accompanying you in all the administrative steps, verifying and validating your purchase, for the full ownership of your property via its notarization and its registration via the Commercial Court of Tbilisi.
  • Interior design based on plans proposed by our architect and validated by you. We follow all renovation works according to very strict specifications.
  • The decoration or House Staging is led by our interior designer to trigger the famous "coup de coeur".
  • Finally the rental of your property and its rental management which will take care of it. An apartment always in good condition, will satisfy your clients who will recommend it. 

Gurian Partners is committed to 

Our expertise of the Georgian real estate market and the rental market in Tbilisi is the guarantee of success for high return investments. We find the best deals in the real estate market in the old in Tbilisi in attractive and emerging districts, which match the tourists' target . 

We secure the purchase of the property by making sure that it does not present technical inconveniences or traps which could put in default the objective of the high rental yield. 

Our know-how. The optimized furnishing and decoration House Staging are realized by our architect, designer, and craftsmen for a careful, durable and on time renovation. 

A rental service provided by Gurian Partners Tbilisi and rental management that guarantees optimal comfort and security throughout the rental of your property.