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Remote Service Georgia was born from the meeting of two entrepreneurs, one in the IT field and the other in Corporate Communication. The desire to create our company is not the result of coincidence, it was built around our common values, our complementarities and our commitment to serve our passion to entrepreneurship.

We had the opportunity to do many different things that gave us openings on the world, rich in experiences. That have made us understand an essential thing, that we try to apply at every moment of our professional life: everyone can succeed if they are passionate.

In our joint venture, we are applying the techniques that have made us successful in other areas, a bit different from the usual practices.

We always focus on our clients' projects. We place our desire to win over, retain and understand our customers at the heart of our system and our philosophy.

For us, a customer is much more than that. Especially in a project as important, even a project of life for some, like buying a property. We conceive the relationship with our customers on the long term. This is fundamental for us. We are not here to sell something absolutely, to make you promise exceptional business to do and finally to lack the essential benevolence through which we conceive our activity here in Georgia.

Listen to you, take the time to discuss and understand what your needs and expectations are. Advising and accompanying you in a project as important as a real estate investment is a challenge renewed with each operation. Making your investment a success is our company's commitment. And we want it to last...She's not here to do one-shot. Because we want you to recommend us to your friends or come back and see us in a few years.

Remote Service Georgia is our image, it is based on trust and respect as well as the perfect knowledge of the real estate sector of this original country! It is built around the values that motivate us: caring for our customers, understanding their living situation, and above all the desire to make them succeed!

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